Strategic Advisory and Transaction Representation

SHA leadership has served in various capacities in the transaction process – Buyer/Seller, Owner/Board Member, Executive Team Member.  The required actions may include: (1) enhanced operational improvements, (2) working with a lender, board, or owner to restructure the company’s finances, or (3) assessing the strategic options for long term continued operation of the organization.



A “Strategic Advisor” provides knowledge and education to help the decisionmakers become informed on their options rather than focused exclusively on selling to generate a fee for the broker.  When looking for guidance about the future of your organization find a company that has your best interests in mind.


Re-Development of Healthcare Services

Over 160 rural communities have lost their hospital over the 15 years.  The impact on these communities has been devastating.  The hospital closure has resulted in the loss of high-paying healthcare jobs, physicians, businesses, tax revenue, etc.  Mr. Clapp has started two hospital companies and operated rural hospitals in 4 states over the last 20 years.  He has vast experience in starting companies, securing financing, leading a group of individuals to results, etc.  This expertise provides him with the tools necessary to educate a community leadership group on the options for re-developing healthcare services within the community and to help facilitate the development of a plan to re-establish services for the community.


Operational Reviews

With the challenges facing the healthcare industry organizations can use a “fresh set of eyes” to see where opportunities may exist to improve the operational performance.  This may include staffing, supply usage, service contracts, revenue cycle, debt restructuring, etc.  SHA can assist you in the review of your company to determine where there may be opportunities to improve financial performance.  The experience of operating hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and physician offices provides us a current perspective on the issues challenging healthcare operators.  We have lowered operating and overhead costs while maintaining or improving the quality of service.