Strategic Healthcare Advisers, LLC (SHA) was formed to provide affordable, yet experienced healthcare consultation to prospective clients. Most consultants have never faced the day-to-day pressures of:

  • Making payroll every two weeks
  • Ensuring timely payment to vendors
  • Balancing demands of employees, medical staff and board members

With more than 20 years of hospital operation experience, SHA leadership has overseen the development of strategic plans for hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient services, and physician practices.  We take an operator’s approach to strategic recommendations because we have been in your shoes. The establishment of an organizational strategic direction with stakeholder buy-in combined with the successful execution of the plan is instrumental in building a thriving organization.  Accountability within the organization is the foundation of the plan’s success.

What Makes Us Unique?

SHA leadership has been on all sides (Owner/Board Member, Executive Team Member) of strategic positioning conversations. The required actions may include: (1) enhancing operational improvements, (2) working with a lender, board, or owner to restructure the company’s finances, or (3) assessing the strategic options for long-term continued operation of the organization. Our experienced team has:

  • Operated various healthcare facilities
  • Led board of directors through transaction process
  • Provided interim CEO/COO Leadership
  • Raised capital to fund projects/startups, etc.
  • Developed and led plan to improve operations
  • Started companies and new services
  • Been accountable to a healthcare board of directors or investors
  • Problem solved with medical staff